GRM Information Management Introduces State-of-the-Art Medical Release of Information (ROI) Platform

VisualVault ECM Infrastructure Improves all Aspects of the ROI Platform from Receipt of Request Through Fulfillment.

Jersey City, NJ, February 17, 2021.

GRM has launched the newest version of its medical release of information solution. Built on its award-winning VisualVault, cloud-based enterprise content management platform (ECM), GRM’s new ROI solution is ushering in a new era of Release of Information services that are integrated directly with EMR systems and other healthcare software applications.

By virtue of its open but highly-secure architecture, the new GRM ROI platform provides robust functionality for all aspects of ROI processing. With a simple, intuitive interface at the center of the offering, the platform provides critical functionality to all ROI users: patients, law firms, hospitals, clinics, and all other relevant organizations. The system enables users to submit ROI requests, monitor request progress, submit payments, and receive all requested medical information quickly via a highly-secure environment. All processes and data are available as part of the solution and do not require any offline communication with representatives. And, a sophisticated analytics function provides management with an unprecedented level of visibility into operational processes and insights on process improvements.

The GRM ROI solution allows for simple integration with virtually any EMR platform; allowing for auto-retrieval of patient records. Upon a requestor submission, the platform can access client EMRs, identify the necessary patient record and automatically import it into VisualVault for processing and delivery. This efficient, automated process is in sharp contrast to the more laborious, highly-manual standard of ROI provider employees reviewing records within the client EMR and extracting them individually. Beyond savings in cost and time, the automated process also minimizes potentially serious and costly human error.

In addition to integrations with EMR platforms, VisualVault’s architecture also paves the way for a more interconnected patient healthcare data solution that is the ultimate panacea of the industry. One example is the creation of a connection between EMR, the GRM ROI solution, and the GRM CareConnect patient referral management solution. With the three solutions working seamlessly, the entire process of an appointment being made with a newly-referred physician, an ROI request being logged, a patient record being retrieved from the EMR, and then being passed on to the new physician's office could take place almost instantaneously and without human action.

GRM CEO, Avner Schneur commented, “We’re delighted to bring this new fully-automated ROI solution to the market. We believe it is a superior offering to anything else on the market. Building the ROI offering within our proven ECM platform has resulted in it being unusually robust -- reducing the time from request to fulfillment, increasing accuracy, and eliminating all manual processing. Furthermore, it offers unmatched flexibility to make adjustments and updates to the solution that are mandated by the continuous changes that define the complexity of legal and medical environments.”

GRM ROI Director of Operations, Toby Davis adds, “The GRM ROI solution now occupies a unique place in the industry. We’ve built exceptional records management credentials over the past thirty years. We have extensive infrastructure built to house important physical records. And now, we have an industry-leading technology product that streamlines the accessing and secure handling of HIPAA-governed data and protected health information (PHI).”

Specialists in managing high-value, data-intensive processes, GRM recognizes that management visibility and insights yielded by the aggregation of data is of utmost importance in the ROI process. The new GRM ROI product delivers custom dashboards that provide up to minute visibility of open requests and other operational data points and sophisticated analytics provide unprecedented business insights in a simple to view and graphics-rich format.

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