Version 5 of GRM’s VisualVault Enterprise Content Management Platform Released

Major ECM Release Coincides with Market Demands for Acceleration of Automation and Business Process Optimization.

Jersey City, NJ, Jan 26, 2020 – GRM has announced the commercial availability of Version 5 of its VisualVault enterprise content management platform. The most comprehensive release in the platform’s history, Version 5 is the culmination of a strategic drive to elevate the technology to a position of category leadership and build a robust infrastructure that paves the way for exponential GRM and partner growth.

This release represents a set of far-reaching upgrades that span functionality, usability and security. At the center of this release is valuable functionality that is enabled and delivered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology. A natural progression of VisualVault’s sophisticated analytics capabilities, Version 5 applies algorithms to large data sets and presents customers with increasingly refined and accurate predictive analytics over time in a rich, graphical format. This future-looking information represents extraordinary value for VisualVault customers who can tap into and utilize the technology to create advantage in the market.

Version 5 builds upon VisualVault’s business process automation capabilities. Long-considered an industry-leading platform for the processing and use of high-volume, high-value big data, the newest release of VisualVault advances that capability with an upgraded graphical workflow design tool. This low-code, intuitive graphic tool allows users to design and execute sophisticated workflows that accelerate and streamline important business processes.

In addition to feature upgrades and the introduction of entirely new tools, the release delivers an enhanced user experience by virtue of a modernized, graphical presentation, an intelligent form viewer that delivers dramatic reductions in load and save times as well as a host of integrations with other content tools such as Office 365.

“The launch of Version 5 is of enormous consequence for our company and the marketplace. This is a product that is capable of dramatically accelerating our customers’ ability to leverage data to create competitive advantage.” Said Avner Schneur, CEO of GRM. “And, as a cloud-based, intelligently-architected, nimble platform, it’s ideally-suited to the meet the rapidly-changing needs of customers in an increasingly unpredictable business environment.”


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