GRM Implements Intelligent Forms (iForms) Solution for National Hospital Group.

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Jersey City, NJ, December 14, 2016GRM, a provider of information management solutions, has recently signed a major enterprise-level agreement with one of the largest hospital groups in the United States. The hospital group generates several billion dollars of revenue annually, operates more than 150 hospitals and over a thousand facilities across the country.

This hospital group faced a problem common to all healthcare systems in a rapidly consolidating industry. Largely as a result of mergers and acquisitions of facilities, patient data existed in a variety of disparate, non-communicative EMRs. This state of affairs creates a broad range of operational inefficiencies, compliance challenges and significant redundant costs associated with IT investments.

As part of the enterprise content management services provided for in the agreement, GRM is implementing the VisualVault Intelligent Forms solution (iForms), a workflow automation technology that automates the hospital group’s front-end business processes and enables efficient data migration. iForms provides a seamless means of intelligently capturing, migrating and viewing legacy patient data from multiple, unrelated EMR systems and subsequently populating a host of different patient-related forms.

“Streamlining front-end patient interactions with iForms eliminates the traditional barriers to faster processing such as manual data entry,” comments Yossi Harel, Executive Vice President for Digital Solutions. “At the same time, from a data migration standpoint, iForms can also facilitate the transfer of legacy patient data from any EMR system into our cloud-based repository. Now users can view all legacy information from a single, easy-to-use interface. ”

With GRM’s iForms technology providing a seamless way to migrate legacy data into their centralized digital repository, clients are able to dramatically reduce their operational costs by discontinuing the maintenance of numerous legacy EMR systems. In addition, iForms further reduces operational costs by reducing the dependence on manual paper processes; thereby lowering the amount of physical records requiring storage and creating millions of dollars in annual savings.


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