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Go Beyond Paperless. At least 70% of information in scanned documents can be extracted for business workflow processes. Improve productivity, collaboration, and employee satisfaction

As a document lifecycle management company with 30 years of experience, GRM’s document scanning service & intelligent data extraction software are designed to digitize your physical documents and prepare your business processes for workflow automation. Have you ever wondered what document scanning software big companies use to extract data from paper documents? GRM’s customers don’t have to worry about where to scan documents securely. GRM’s customers schedule to pick up their critical documents and bring them to one of our fifteen high-security document storage locations nationwide. Upon arrival, our specialists start-up bulk scanners with intelligent document scanning software, upload digitized documents into the central cloud storage in specific file formats like pdf, i-forms, word, jpeg, and more. How do they edit scanned documents? Once in the data vault, our data capture, data extraction, OCR, and document indexing software integrates right into your workflow automation and business processing software. At that point, you can start emailing, editing, sharing, collaborating, and enhancing your business processes. Learn more about GRM’s enterprise content management system and document management services.

Document Scanning Software to Maximize Data Extraction

Our company’s document scanning software can capture data from hundreds of documents each minute with powerful enterprise scanners. There is no project that is too big to handle by GRM. Our services are used in many industries: legal, HR, healthcare, media, financial, insurance, travel, and many more. And rest assured, once the documents are digitzed, GRM will store all your physical documents in our secure state-of-the-art facilities. You can store your documents at GRM for many years, and once you don’t need physical copies our certified destruction experts will assist in disposing of those records. We’ve been in the business for three decades, and many of our existing customers have relied on our physical records management throughout all this time. Fill out the form below, and a GRM representative will reach out to you to discuss your document management needs.

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Go Paperless. Utilize GRM’s Document Scanning Software

Before you call digitize your paper files, think about using those files to collaborate in business workflow processes. The quality, turn-around time, and costs of document scanning software are equally important. That’s why companies trust GRM.

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